onsdag den 2. december 2015

2. december

23. Drenge: Undertow

De engelske drenge i Drenge har lavet en glimrende rockplade, hvor Oasis bestemt er blandt inspirationskilderne. Med lige så god vilje, som vinkendere finder noter af brændt bildæk og tygget tandtråd, kan der også høres elementer af Interpol, The Raveonettes, The White Stripes og The Brian Jonestown Massacre. 

Faktum er, at melodierne på rockduoens toer sætter sig hurtigere end deltagerne i legen "frugtsalat", som det kan høres i "The Woods", "Standing in the Cold" og "Side by Side".

Og navnet? Ja, det svarede de på i et interview i Blackbook:
- What are the origins of the name Drenge? I know it means boys in Danish.
Rory: Our band started almost a little bit reactionary I guess and just to piss people off, whatever band we played in front of. We came up with this really disgusting name and the Danish language is disgusting anyways. When you hear someone say a couple sentences there’s not enough hard consonants in it—you just think it’s someone speaking gobbledygook. It’s really crass. And when someone’s shouting it as well, it’s horrible. We thought that was kind of funny. Instead of choosing a band name like The Benches or The Tables, we thought we’d go with something that’s a bit more memorable in a way. It sounds funny when it rolls off your tongue. I still find it funny when our tour manager goes, “Yeah we’re Drenge — is that really the band name? Am I working with these guys?” There’s a couple of really odd Danish films that we were into as well around the time we started, like by Lars von Trier, the whole Dogme 95 thing. It’s really raw, no effects, all natural lighting, all natural sound, which is kind of a bit like our band in a way. 
Eoin: When we started out, we’re going to have to work with what we got so we can’t record anything so we’ll just do live shows. It was like Dogme 95 in the way of I haven’t got an amp that I can use so if I turn up at the venue and they got an amp I’ll use that amp. If a band’s got an effects pedal I can borrow then I can use that. It’s like we weren’t bringing our own props to a lot of stuff. You just take the basics and then play a gig and then pack up and leave.